st. elmo's fire (ovaltinehag) wrote in little_details,
st. elmo's fire

How good are children's telescopes?

Setting: present day, unspecified location
Previous research: googling, but I seem to come across mostly ebay auctions and really good telescope photos. Not what I'm looking for.

My MC is a young child whose parents bought him a telescope for Christmas, presumably of the kind you buy in Toys 'R' Us for children and not something particularly powerful. He's looking at a strange light (which happens to be an alien spaceship) through it. How well would he see this light? Would he figure out it's a spaceship, or would he be just able to see the light more up-close? It's a silly fic I'm writing so it doesn't need to be extremely accurate, and I can work with the plot either way, but I'd like this to be at least feasible. What if he were looking through a slightly bit better, but still domestic, telescope? Thank you!
Tags: ~science (misc), ~science: astronomy

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