C-chan (kurainokoori) wrote in little_details,

Dying of fear

I'm re-writing a crime novel set in Japan, where in the killer is a supernatural being. Which brings me to my question: what is the medical name for dying of fear? I have completely forgotten and typing in "dying of fear" in Google only gets you Thanatophobia - fear of dying. So after going through ten pages when the closest hit was "Dying of fear, Please Help, do I have an STD?", which as you probably guess was not helpful at all, I gave up my search.

So if somebody knows the name, could describe it a little and maybe point me in the direction of a pair of good articles, I'd really be grateful.

Also, because I know that the question was raised in the first version - is there any way you could chemically induce similar reactions by injecting it in victims?

Really grateful for any kind of help.

Tags: ~medicine (misc)

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