Where No One Has Gone Before (going_boldly) wrote in little_details,
Where No One Has Gone Before

Whip It Good?

I have a character, who at the age of fourteen was given ten lashes with a single-flagellum whip. At the time, he was underweight and underfed, though not yet to the point of malnurishment. The person administering the whipping is as close to an officer of the law as you're going to get in that particular part of town, and has a great deal of experience doing that sort of thing. I have two questions:

1) The immediate aftermath. He does have someone who can help him walk home, but would that actually be "helping him walk home" or "sort of carrying him home"? If he is trying to walk, would he be bent over, or hold himself stiffly upright? Would he be in danger of going into shock?

2) Recovery. My character has no access to doctors or medicine, but is living in a place where he can get alcohol, clean water, and clean rags to use as bandage substitutes. Is that going to be enough to realistically have him pull through without an infection?

3) Twenty-five years later: He's now living with his girlfriend in modern-day New York. How noticable are the scars going to be? Would they be visible? Would you be able to pick them out by touch? 
Tags: ~flogging, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~torture

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