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Adjusting the temperature of a walk-in freezer?

I have a situation that calls for a walk-in freezer. The setting is a private mansion somewhere in Germany, present day. For this to work best, I really need the temperature of the homeowner's walk-in freezer to be able to be adjusted below the standard temperature for a walk-in freezer. (The exact recommended temperature is not a necessary detail, but I seem to remember it's 0 degrees F?) Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to adjust the temperature to be lower than the temperature it's supposed to be, and if so, how much lower it can go.

I've searched Wikipedia and Google, but there doesn't seem to be any answer. I only get the information about what the temperature is supposed to be and also a blurb about not adjusting the temperature, as it could ruin the food. But that's not an issue here.

Thank you!
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