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Ease of getting medication in new city with no money?

Doing some early research for my NaNo. I've asked a few similar things before, so this might look familiar, but still trying to settle on how the plot is going to go.

My character is 18. He has seizures (epilepsy), but is doing well and they aren't very frequent.

He moves away right after high school. He expects to get a job and settle in. Things don't work out that well for him with finding a job. So money is super tight. He has a few months supply of meds, but those are dwindling. Most of the money he has is going into rent and a bit of food.

He will be moving to Seattle from some other smaller town in Washington that is several hours away. Present day.

1) If he goes into a free clinic, would they be able to help him at all?

2) Would a health care plan that he was on be able to cover for some of his meds. How much would he have to pay out of pocket?

Basically for the storyline, I need him to be living on like 5 dollars a week, plus a few charity meals from a nice neighbor, his meds are running out or becoming less effective so his seizures are getting worse, and he is to the point of killing himself (but then is saved and the main story begins).

I searched for info on free clinics and what medication they can give out, but didn't see anything helpful.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, usa: washington

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