triad_serpent (triad_serpent) wrote in little_details,

The London Library

Setting: London, 1990
Genre: Urban fantasy

So, I'm American trying to write about London...having never been. Any help you can provide so that my writing sounds more realistic and accurate would be highly appreciated.

Basically, I'm wondering about a ten-year-old joining the London Library in 1990. Would he need parental/guardian signatures? The official site for the library mentioned it, so am I correct in assuming he would need a copy of his birth certificate? Also, I can't find how much it would cost, annually. I found current fees, and I found that in 1981 it was £60, but nothing concrete from the 90's. Was the Carlyle Membership fund already in place by 1990, or is it newer than that?

Also, if anyone knows where to get some good maps of the underground system in London from the early 90's, that would be really helpful. I found some current ones, but nothing older than the early 2000's. If you could, I'd appreciate metro maps that include street names, as well.

Thank you all in advance!
Tags: ~librarians & libraries

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