bleeding orange (horizon_greene) wrote in little_details,
bleeding orange

Male prostitution in Seattle. Also, pitching and its effects.

Hi everyone, I've been researching a couple of issues with little luck, so hopefully this comm can provide some assistance.

My first question is where one could expect to find male prostitutes in present-day Seattle? Googling terms such as "seattle prostitution", "seattle prostitution areas", etc. brings up Highway 99 as a possibility, but upon further research ("seattle highway 99 male prostitution" and various combinations thereof) I haven't been able to determine if that's necessarily a place where you'd find male prostitutes. Is Highway 99 a viable location, or is there somewhere else that would be more likely?

Secondly, I have a character (also present-day USA) who was a pitcher in high school and then went on to pitch for two years in college. After quitting baseball and being out of the game for a couple of years, I'm wondering if there would be any noticeable marks—remnants of calluses, scar tissue, something else—left on his throwing hand? He hasn't even been casually tossing around a baseball during that time, so he wouldn't be maintaining anything that was built up during his competitive days. Googling for "pitching calluses", "pitching scars", etc. and researching calluses in general hasn't yielded the answers I'm looking for.

Any info would be much appreciated :) Thank you!
Tags: usa: washington, ~prostitution, ~sports (misc)

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