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Blood Transfusion Device and Tooth Modification

Hey folks,

I've got a couple questions about vampire-related tooth modifications and transfusion devices under the cut.

Setting: Fantasy/sci-fi earth-like world with technology ranging from the late medieval period to the early 20th century depending on culture and location.

Premise: In the above setting, there are people that need to drink blood to survive. Thanks to the help of this comm, I've decided that the blood doesn't need to be transfusion-viable in order to be effective for these peoples' needs, but they do prefer the 'fresher' the better. While there is of course simply killing people and draining the blood they need that way, after a period of time this would become costly. Therefore, I was thinking that they would probably have an equivalent to a transfusion device.

My first question:

1. I'd probably be dealing with the upper end of technology here, so early 20th century-level tech would be what they'd use. I'm aware that they could use motors to create suction in such a machine, but steam-powered things look huge and from what I've seen, need to remain stationary. Are there any manual ways to make suction in such a device?

2. What would such a machine look like? Wikipedia and similar have been a little scant on their in-depth explanations and diagrams.

Second Main Question: Related to the first, this same group of people use tooth modification as displays of status. I'm not sure whether to go with caps or outright filing, so here are a few more questions:

1. I've read about early tooth filing in other cultures, but they don't seem to get into too much detail. What type of file would be used?

2. What are risks and aftercare to such a procedure?

3. Are there any long-term health implications?

4. What were early caps made of?

The above would be handled by someone skilled.

Things I've researched: For the first question: Motors, steam-powered motors, blood transfusion, blood transfusion history, blood-transfusion devices. For the second: Early tooth filing, risks of tooth filing, tooth filing procedures, tooth/body modification.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Edit: Thanks everybody, I now have a good idea on where to start. Also, one comment deleted for possible trolling. '....' isn't appreciated or helpful when it comes to any questions being posted, whether they're mine or someone else's. Show a little respect, please and thank you.
Tags: ~body modification (misc), ~dentistry, ~medicine: transplants/transfusions, ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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