Wickety Witch (meredydd) wrote in little_details,
Wickety Witch

Hearing Impaired Individuals in Regency England

I've looked for "deafness and Regency England," "hearing impaired IN regency England," combinations of those terms and "sign language in regency England" and "sign language in early Victorian England" as well as searches for "hearing impaired communication in 19th century England and Great Britain" with little success. What I'm wondering is... Would a woman of genteel birth be sent to an asylum as many differently abled individuals of the 18th century were or would she be spared, or possibly spared, by virtue of her birth, and in either case, would communication methods be limited to the old slate/paper and writing utensil/"homebrew" signing?

ETA: Thanks for all of the info, advice and leads! It's greatly appreciated!
Tags: 1800-1809, 1810-1819, uk: history: regency period, ~deaf/hard of hearing

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