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US Air Force Ribbons

Setting: 1990s-2000s, USA (Stargate SG-1)
Searched: many, many variations on united states air force ribbons, stripes, badges, honours, pins, etc.

The problem:

I'm trying to decipher the ribbons/medals on Major Davis' dress uniform. Some of them I've managed to find, but I'm still missing some. Pictures and my best guesses are below the cut.

ETA: SOLVED! With the help of awesome detailers. Full listing is below the cut.

CAPS: A full view, Closer view (some obscured), another close up (some obscured)

Apologies for the lack of good images. :(

GUESSES: (top to bottom, left to right, (?) indicates a ribbon I couldn't figure out)
Intelligence Badge [not sure]
Meritous Service Medal
Joint Service Commendation Medal (w. Oak Leaf) Air Force Commendation Medal (w. Oak Leaf) Air Force Achievement Medal
Joint Merit Unit Award w/ Gold Frame AF Gallant Unit Citation National Defence Service Medal
Armed Forced Service Medal Air Force Overseas Short Tour United Nations Service Medal(w. Oak Leaf)
Small Arms Expert Marksman Air Force Training Ribbon United Nations Medal

The character works as a liaison between the White House and the military if that provides any help. I don't know his service background in terms of where or when he might served. Feel free to correct any mistakes I've made.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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