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Procedure for suspected drink-spiking

Setting: Modern day, non-specific east coast city of USA

Research: various health websites, search engine scouring with "date rape reporting procedure", "drink spiking", "rohypnol tests", "drink spiking ER" + multitudes of various

Situation: A male character is out with friends, and drinks a spiked drink (which was intended for another friend). He gets a pretty strong dose, with typical physical effects and no serious consequences (not intending to diminish the toll of such an ordeal). His friends are savvy enough to realise what's happened, though they find him in a somewhat suspicious situation, so aren't sure if he's come to harm between being drugged and them discovering him. They take him to the ER.

One of said friends is the kind of person who wouldn't let them be ignored or dismissed, and would insist on a full and appropriate response if said insistence was needed. What procedures would the ER staff follow? How lucid would the drugged character need to be to consent to any blood/urine tests? The character is likely to decline a rape kit (on the grounds of no soreness/injury/pain to suggested he was sexually assaulted), but would the staff push this idea, considering the amnesiac nature of the drug, or would a kit have to be specifically requested if it wasn't obvious a sexual assault took place? Would police be contacted as routine, or would the character have to specifically request or deny their response?

Notes: I'm pretty clued-in on the direct physical effects of someone being 'roofied', as well as the available stats for substances used in drink-spikings, but the procedure surrounding it eludes me.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: drugs, ~sexual abuse & assault

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