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9th Century Russia

Setting: My main character hails from 9th Century Russia and later moves to 9th Century London, and then 9th Century North America (around where Maryland is now). He is immortal; at present day he is living in New Jersey.

Search Summary: 1. I looked in the Russian section of my school's World History text book. They didn't have anything except the revolution. 2. I read a "History of Russia" article on Wikipedia. They mostly had things about pagans and christians fighting. 3. I tried asking on Yahoo! Answers and got the same results.

Question: What did locals call the area? How often did it snow? How big were towns? What were some examples of laws and formal punishments? How did men meet/woo women? 

My character is living all by his lonesome, kinda far away from anybody else. I want to know how he would provide for himself in that environment, what would be a regular meal for him. Where would he meet other people and what would be the proper way to conduct himself? Would there be a certain ettiquette for courting a woman? What would his clothing and home look like? etc

EDIT: Everyone seems to need more on the time and location, so I looked at several maps and did some math, and have come to a conclusion concerning these two details. My character was born 1168 years ago (842 AD). Twenty years later (1148 years ago; 862 AD) he is living somewhere between present-day Perm and Nizhnevartovsk. He reaches London in 865 AD and stays there for two years.

Thank you everyone for all the links and information and book titles, etc so far. I'm sure they will be very helpful, I just hope my brain can take it all in!
Tags: russia: history, usa: maryland, ~climate/weather, ~marriage

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