Gabriela (girlofavalon) wrote in little_details,

SS-TV requirements, ranks and accomodation

I am writing a story set around the World War II, probably in Germany itself, but this point is still open. One of the characters is a young man, from a good German family, who despite not being exactly a hardcore Nazi joins the SS-Totenkopfverbände — the branch of the SS destined to guard the concentration camps.

I need to know what were the minimum age and height requirements for joining the SS-TV. I confess I kept only searching for "ss-totenkopfverbände +age requirement". By the way, was there anything regarding the guard's weight?

This German guy, in my mind, would be very young — around 20 years old, maybe 21. What's the highest rank he would reach in the branch at that age? How would he get there? Would his family be of any influence?

I also tried to search a bit on the guards' accomodation in the camps, but I couldn't find much. Would there be any way to get this character to have his own chambers in a believable way? It would be a vital point for my plot.

I am sorry I'm coming here with so little research.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1940-1949, germany: history, germany: military, ~world war ii

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