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Hotels & Traveling in England in early 1960's (with one question about undergarments)

Hello! Boy do I have a broad array of questions, so I hope I can be helped with some.

I'm writing a fanfiction set in very early 1960's (late 1962, to be exact), in England. The group is travelling around England and I wanted to know what they might encounter. (In case it helps, it's about The Beatles. I'm taking some liberties with the time line and possibly their popularity/available money (as in they won't be able to afford the best hotels--which I'm pretty sure they couldn't that early off--but I'm being careful and saying I'm taking liberties), but would like to keep at least most of it time period relevant.)

Main questions:

1. What would the moderately priced (possibly cheap) hotels be like? Would they have baths or showers? Would the baths and toilets be in separate rooms, or together to save space? Would they even have their own attached bathrooms/toilets, or would their be one at the end of the hall, for instance? Would the hotel provide shampoo/soap/etc like they do now?
ANYTHING else you can tell me about hotels in 1962 England would be helpful, even if it's not relevant to the questions above.

2. Once you were on a busy road (highway?), how easy would it have been to find a rest stop or some other place to go to the toilet, if one had to go? Would you be able to pull over to the side of the road to go, or were their "No Parking" rules as there are now, or possibly the traffic would be a steady flow and it would be unsafe to pull over? Keep in mind they're travelling long distances where I'd imagine it's nothing but open space for a long while (and they really, really have to pee).
Again, anything else you can tell me about road travelling in 1962 would be helpful too. Like how would the conditions of the roads be in different parts, what are some things they might see driving about north England, if anything were to happen how likely would they be able to get help, etc.

3. Not involving travelling, but undergarments. I talked to my dad about this, as he was alive (albeit young) in the 60's. He said most men would probably be wearing y-fronts because they were newer, and he sort of implied that boxers were an unpopular choice? So would most men (ages 18 to 25 ish) be wearing y-fronts? Would a few be wearing boxers, but might be laughed at/considered unfashionable? I know in the 60's they started making fun patterned undergarments, so my guess is that both would be acceptable?

Any information you guys have to offer about ANY of the aforementioned topics would be entirely helpful. (Also, do I tag my post or do mods? ETA: I went ahead and tagged. If they're not right, tell and I'll fix. :D) Thank you for your time and  sorry for the long questions!

I searched around for information about hotels in the 60's, but all that I could find was about modern hotels. I wasn't entirely sure how to search available toilets. Searches about undergarments generally wielded basic information and not about the popular choice. (I also looked on here, through all the tags I thought might be relevant, through a few years.) 
Tags: 1960-1969, uk: history (misc), ~clothing, ~travel: hotels motels & hostels

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