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American High School Sports Schedule and Culture

I've tried googling various combinations of the words American, High School, Sports, Athletics, Schedule, Seasons, Culture, but so far haven't quite found what I'm looking for.

I'm working on a story on which a teenaged boy moves to a small fictional town in Vermont, where he starts at the local high school as a junior, in February.  (There's some flexibility there -- it could be late January, or into March, but the point is that it's not at the start of term, but it's early enough to justify the move.) 

I'd like to have him try out for a school sport he'd have a reasonable expectation would be a big deal  -- track and field is the first thing that comes to mind, but I don't really know a) what sports would be holding tryouts in that season, and b) whether they even bother holding tryouts for track.  Do they hold general try-outs?  Per-event?  Anyone-can-join-just-show-up-a-lot-and-we'll-find-you-a-place?

Second, are the students who go to tryouts obligated to be on the team if they make it?  How is the coach likely to announce who he wants on the team, and would that change if he suspected some of the students won't bother actually joining?    In this particular story, there are a bunch of guys who will go to try outs for various sports to show off the fact that they are athletic, and in good enough shape to compete with the jocks and come out looking good, but who aren't interested in joining the team.  I'd like to have the coach let them try out, even though he knows they probably won't join, because he'd like to give them the chance to change their minds.  Would that be possible, or are there codes of conduct that would get them in a lot of trouble?  A little trouble they could handle, but if this is the kind of thing that gets suspensions handed out right and left, it wouldn't mesh with the rest of the story.
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