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The Iceni and the Fens?

Setting: 1st century and 10th century England
Searched: Iceni + fens, various combinations with those words; all I can find about the Iceni is stuff about Boadicea, and Iceni + fens yields only the Wikipedia entry.

Wikipedia mentions, on both the pages about the Iceni and the Fens, a possible connection between the two. The Fens' entry reads:

After the end of Roman Britain, there is a break in written records. It is thought some of the Iceni may have moved west in to the Fens to avoid the Angles who were migrating across the North Sea from Angeln (modern Schleswig) and settling what would become East Anglia.

The problem is that Wikipedia doesn't cite a source for this in either entry.

Does anybody know of a credible source that speculates on any connection between the Fens and the Iceni?

If the Iceni did make it to the Fens, is it possible that some (or any) of their descendants could be around in the 10th century?

I am trying to trace the background of a character in order to validate his present circumstances. Ideally, I would like for him to be a descendant of the Iceni tribe living in the Fens, secretly practicing magic as well as upholding the Celtic traditions of the Iceni – secretly, because I've read that the Fens were, at some point, a sort of safe haven for Christians. But I need to know if this scenario is at all plausible.

Thanks so much for your help!
Tags: 0 ce and before, roman republic & empire, uk: history (misc)

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