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Undercover police pay, UK, 1990s

Hiya, I'm not entirely sure if anyone can help with this or not - but if there's a place to ask, this has to be it!

I've done quite a lot of research into undercover police officers in the UK - I know a lot about operational procedures and that sort of thing, but the thing I can't find out anything about is the pay. If an officer were deep undercover (living as a completely different person, in order to infiltrate criminal gangs) then would they get paid as a regular officer, but then given an allowance in a bank account in their assumed name, by the police?

I really need to know if my character could be quite wealthy under his real name, by amassing his wages and not really having any outgoings, because he's been undercover for some years, in various jobs. Or would he be forced to use some of his 'own' money to pay for things like food etc. and only given 'extra' money for things relating directly to his job?

Even if no one knows, feel free to tell me what you find believable!

Thanks for any help.


Googled: Undercover police work UK wages, variations thereof. Got a bit stuck, really! Have read a few accounts from ex undercover police officers, but they all seem more interested in exciting stories than boring things like wages.
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: government: law enforcement

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