Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote in little_details,

The solution to Shampoo's weapon and a question about fighting mechanics

Oh, y'all may recall my question about the weapons yesterday? That no one got the answer to.

WELL. I screencapped the scene in crouching tiger, hidden dragon

and then I started whining to my friends when the problem occured to us.

It was a *chinese* weapon (for some reason still unknown to me I'd been looking at japanese ones. Even though both the characters I'd seen use them were chinese. I hate myself).

The solution to the problem was that they're double hammers and the type that Shampoo was using looked like twin melon hammers or something like that.

Uh. I just felt like updating some people who might have gotten curious and stuff and I'm gonna wonder if anyone knows how large of a build and weight someone would have to have to wield sticks with giant lumps of metal on the end without hurting themselves/falling over on a swing. Or if anyone knows the mechanics that might be needed to use two maces/hammers at once. I'd use these caps as a guide, but, uh, yeah. This is the movie with the flying sword chicks.

I am still with the questions! and wondering if I should go dummy some up and see for myself.
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