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poisons and genetic modification

I've got this comic in the works, and we've already encountered a bunch of issues that we're really struggling through. This is not a good sign, but I'm here hoping I can get some help.

Issue #1: Anyone know of a resource for finding out about different types of poisons, their applications and effects? Anything from the general to specific-- I've got a character who I'd like to be a bit of a toxins specialist, as in a professional poisoner, but none of my pathetic research has turned up any good finds. Would Wikipedia be a worthwhile resource here?

Issue #2: I have done some research into genetics on my own and even toured a local genetics lab, but if anyone knows of any interesting info on the subject of gene modification I'd appreciate it. One character is a hybridized human (she's got wolf genes), which I already know is theoretically improbable and currently impossible but it's set in the future anyway, so any background in modifying, mutating, enhancing, retooling, or whatever else you can do to screw up someone/something's genetics I can get will undoubtedly come in handy.

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