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Three examples of 1970s classic cars

I need three separate examples of classic cars from the seventies. (This is for the same story, but the cars have no relation to each other except that it will be the same MC interacting with both.)

Setting: Present day/1970s small town USA

Scenario A: A car that was synonymous with 'douchebag' in the mid-1970s, and another that is modest and boring

Present day, Main Character is telling a story about a prank his father and uncle played on a guy they didn't like in 1976 (that year in inflexible). The prank-victim in question is (was) an uptight, pretentious jerk in his late 20s, with a decent amount of money. Not rich, but he started a business that is finally beginning to take off and he wants to show off his new nicely middle class status. So he goes out and buys a brand new [insert make and model here], a car that makes all the real car guys in town - including MC's father and uncle (and MC in the future) - shake their heads in disgust, and everyone else in town think he was an impractical idiot (kind of the way the average person would feel hearing someone bought a Delorean in the 80s?). They play their prank, rendering the car undriveable (I already know what they're going to do, so I don't need any help there, thanks), so the prank victim goes back and gets something utterly boring and respectable (and very reliable, I'd like it if he drove it for as much as 15 or 20 years afterward, but that isn't a deal breaker).

American made preferred.

Scenario B: a classic fixer-upper that would make a middle class, middle aged guy jealous

MC (who is in his early 40s) is meeting a friend for lunch, and at the curb outside the cafe is a car that makes him stop and say basically "Oh, hell yeah," in an abstract sort of way. A fixer-upper, about a third or halfway to being fully rehabbed, that would have recently been purchased for no more than 4000 to 5500 dollars - but less than that is fine. (The point of this is when he gets inside the friend he is meeting reveals the car is his, recently purchased, and he would like MC to help him finish fixing it up.) Both MC and his friend are financially comfortable, but neither is rich or has extravagant tastes.

These are low key, blue collar guys who would never drive or flaunt a flashy sports car, but they would be impressed by - and interested in - a quality muscle car.

My current choice for this is a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge. (A '71 is just too rare and therefore too flashy for my purposes.)

Searches: Google (multiple derivations of 1970s classic car, etc.), Wikipedia (Pontiac - , GMC - , Ford - , Chrysler - , Dodge in the 1970s), autotrader, etc.

Thanks so much in advance, and I apologize how for how subjective some of my requests are.

ETA: I've got everything I need. You guys are amazing! And so fast!
Tags: 1970-1979, ~cars

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