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Consequences of drunk groping police officer during cursory body search

Google is failing me. I've searched various variations of 'inappropriate behavior police body search', as well as 'causes police detain drunk', and I'm getting more news stories and talk about inappropriate behavior on the part of authority figures than I'm really looking for. The closest I can get to anything even resembling an answer is a mention of police having the right to take into protective custody people found drunk and unable to take care of themselves in public places. I'm sure the information is out there, but I can't think of search terms.

Setting is a fictional college town in something that might be loosely based on the US — this place may be a bit more liberal than America, but when possible we're building roughly off of American standards since that's what's most likely to seem familiar/reasonable to readers. Mostly I just need examples of what would be done in English-speaking countries anywhere, so I have something to build off of. Just... basic "comic book college town", sort of like Metropolis is "comic book big city".

What I need to know is this:
I have a very convincing crossdresser, piss drunk and in all honesty more than half out of it. He hasn't been disorderly or anything, but due to confusion about his identity (his friend referring to "her" with male pronouns sounded suspicious), a female police officer is going to get his ID out of his pocket. To his pickled brain, this reads as her being *ahem* very forward, and he makes some sort of uncoordinated grab for her chest and tells her he always liked a girl in a uniform. Other than this he's been well-behaved; it wouldn't have happened if the friend taking him home hadn't been challenged about where he was carrying the "girl" off to.

I'm assuming he'd be detained at least as long as it took him to sober up; would he be charged with anything for coming on to the police officer? (Also, would they bring him back to the station first, or deal with it where they were?) His friend will be calling his mother to take a several hours long drive to come (it's already established that she would up and drive to another state for her son's sake if needed), and ideally I want him released into her custody. If necessary, she has the means to pay any fines he might owe or post bail. I just want to know what if any charges he could expect to have stuck on him.

Also, I'm kind of assuming his friend (who doesn't act drunk but admits to having had a few at the club they were coming from) wouldn't be in trouble as soon as it's confirmed that no, this isn't, like, date rape in progress that some concerned citizen has witnessed, and that he could conceivably insist on sticking around the waiting area of the police station until crossdresser's mother arrives. Is there anything about this that sounds very odd? (I can deal with it if the police decide to stick friend into the drink tank, if that's more feasible, as long as someone makes that phone call. But considering this is a college town that seems harsh to me.)
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