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Sodium Pentathol

I need information about sodium thiopental, better known as sodium pentathol or the Truth Drug. I've read about how it affects someone, but I have some very specific questions that need some hands-on experience.

1) what exactly does it feel like when the drug is in your system? Is your mind fuzzy? Do you feel like you're floating? Do you just not care what happens?

2) Could someone hypothetically still lie while under the influence if they'd been trained for it? How hard would it be to form a coherent lie? What about just a believable denial?

My story is set present day and my main character and her father are vigilantes. Isabelle, my heroine, has been captured by a drug lord who has a drug ten times more powerful than sodium pentathol (I can change how much more powerful depending on the responses to this post)

I searched sodium pentathol, and sodium penthathol effects.

Thanks for the help! I'm just kind of stuck at this point and have too many issues to try sodium pentathol myself.
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~torture

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