caramel_tea (caramel_tea) wrote in little_details,

appendicitis pain and painkillers

Googled: appendicitis, pain + pain killers/medicine. The only source I was able to find was, but too vague for me.

My character has appendicitis (actually not final, may go for another stomach condition if I find a better one) and experienced pain - bad enough to make her want to lie down, but not the kind that would make her scream in pain (either that or she's really not a screamer). After 4-6 hours of that, she takes strong pain meds instead of not seeing a doctor. The pain gets better but doesn't go away completely. The questions: how long before the pain resumes? Will it be more severe than before?

And one more thing: how would you describe appendicitis pain? Crampy? Sharp? Dull?
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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