Shanti (shan_t) wrote in little_details,

Service Stations/Rest Stops on Motorways/Highways

hey all. found this on someones user info and just have to say this is such a wonderful idea.
okay, so i hope this is alright to ask here, its just i have no clue where to look for this sort of info. may sound strange, but here goes:

i'm mostly asking Americans or people who live in/visit the US a lot.
i live in england and over here, on large motorways (uh highways/interstates i guess they're called in the US) in between towns and citys we have service stations i call them, guess rest stops is another way of saying it, meaning a building with some restaurants (usually just fast-food places), a shop, toilets and occasionally some others things but usually not much else. Just a place for people to stop when on a long journey without having to leave the motorway and go into a town.
My question is do they have similar places in America? I'm specifically thinking California but no particular part of it (the town in the story is fictional anyway). I'm assuming they must but whenever i've been over there i have never been in one, most places i saw took you off the main road into a town.
Also if they do have them could i just have a small description of what they are like? are the basically the same as what i explained we have over here in the UK (anyone who's been to both would be very helpful!) or do they usually have something else there?

any help would be very appreciated.

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