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ANON POST: Sexual practices unique to bisexual men; interest in male breasts

[This is an anonymous post being forwarded by a moderator.]

Setting: Modern-day real world, any location, though could be moved to any time and place in real-world history if that works better, since the characters are time travellers.

Research: Read Wiki articles on bisexuality and gynecomastia; Googled a number of things like 'sexual practices of bisexual men', 'male breast fetish', 'bi male gynecomastia', 'moob fetish', etc. etc., along with mix-n-match variations of the above, with no useful results.

This one is nearly impossible to Google, so I'm hoping someone can help me out! I'm having trouble with a scene where my bi male MC is having sex with a gay male character-- let's call them MC and Man 2. To make a (very!) long story short, Man 2 believes MC is exclusively gay, but then MC does something during sex which leads Man 2 to suspect MC is actually bi.

Just what that "something" is is the question... a two and a half part question:

1. Are there any sexual interests or practices that are unique to bisexual men, or at least have a (deserved or not) reputation of being common amongst bisexual men?

MC would never talk about women during sex with Man 2, so that's out, plus it's not possible to involve a woman in their sex or anything like that.

2. Do bisexual men tend to be more interested in male breasts than exclusively gay men are? If MC gives Man 2's breasts a lot of attention, would Man 2 suspect him of being bi?

Man 2's breasts don't have to be large or anything special, though they can be if it helps. I was thinking that, since heterosexual men are often very interested in (female) breasts, would a strong interest in a man's breasts be an indicator of possible bisexuality?

2.5. What is the general attitude toward someone having a sexual interest in male breasts?

What would Man 2 think? What would the MC's female friends think if they found out? How popular of a fetish is it; is it widely considered acceptable or disgusting? Are there specific regions or cultures where it's popular/unpopular?

Thanks for reading!

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