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Hawking/falconry in 1500s

My historical novel is taking place from 1547 to 1566 in a village in Englanc (location yet to be determined.)

I searched on the internet using: hawking, tudor, renaissance, hunting, falconry. I also searched my city libraries, Amazon online and my local Chapters store.

I found some information at Wikipedia - Falconry Training and Technique, English History. net - Tudor Pastime, and
Hunting, Hawking and the Early Tudor Gentleman ,  By: Williams, James, History Today, 00182753, Aug2003, Vol. 53, Issue 8.

I want more information on the following:

How the hawk was brought into the field and by whom?
Wwhat commands it would be given?
What common names were given to the birds?
What the trainer would do and what the lord would do?
What were common injuries of hunting hawks? What injuries could be fixed?
What would they do if a bird did not return?
How often did a bird not return?
What would happen if a commoner found an injured bird and kept it?
What was the most common raptor used by lords?
Would gentry use them?

If anyone could point me to a book, article, or other resource which would have the answers, or provide the answers, I would be very grateful.



Tags: 1500-1599, ~hunting

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