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Animals associated with the moon in folklore/mythology

I'm worldbuilding a fantasy setting containing werewolves who worship the moon as a deity and the source of their transformative powers. However, I'm thinking of expanding the lunar-inspired shapeshifting to other types of animals as well, rather than only wolves, and have each of the five members of my formerly-werewolf pack take on a different form. I would like to use animals that already have some kind of symbolic connection the moon in folklore or mythology. So far I have:

Wolves (werewolf myths)
Rabbits (associated with the moon in Japanese and other Eastern folklore)
Deer (sacred to Artemis/Diana in Greco-Roman mythology)
Cats (various)

I've done searches for "animals associated with the moon," "moon animal folklore," "moon animal mythology," and various combinations, and read some books I have on cat folklore.

So little_details, can you help me come up with other animals associated with the moon or other folk tales and mythology concerning them? They do not need to necessarily be animals that appear in shapeshifting myths. If it helps or is relevant, all five members of the pack are female.

Thank you for your help!
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