Tobin (fringedweller) wrote in little_details,

What do you call a yeoman that isn't a yeoman yet?

Searches: the tags on this comm, Google and Wikipedia for US Naval ratings, the rating of Yeoman in particular, offical US Navy website, Memory Alpha

I'm writing a Star Trek story revolving around Yeoman Janice Rand. I'm writing about her training before she offically gets the position as a yeoman and captain's yeoman in particular and I'm coming up against a brick wall.

How do you refer to people training to be yeomen? What is their rank/designation while training for this specific duty? Memory Alpha has no information, so I'm willing to play around with what's used today. For the purposes of fic she's going to train as a yeoman straight away, so modern training procedure and timescale isn't important. I just need to know how she would be addressed.

Could she be addressed as cadet, or is that a distinction made for people training to be officers?

Thank you very much to anyone who can help.

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