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Holding songs hostage.

All my googling has lead to lots of information on copyright regarding performance/covers, but not quite answering my question.

I have a band. In the middle of recording their third album, there's a huge fight between the singer and lead guitarist, and the singer walks out. The vast majority of their songs were co-written by the singer and the guitarist.

If they don't reconcile, and the singer completely refuses to engage with his former band, is there a chance this could affect the band's abilities to perform songs from the first two albums? I figured once the songs were recorded and released they'd be property of the band (or something to that effect) and still be cool for them to perform without him, but would they need his permission, or anything?

Secondly, there were a few tracks mostly finished before the walk-out, and I need these songs to be, for all intents and purposes, 'lost'. Would this be possible if they were fully written and recorded, or would it only be possible if maybe some of the instrument tracks have been recorded, but not the entire songs? (ETA: I know lots of bands have unreleased material for various reasons, what I'm wondering is if the departing member of the band could block the release of the tracks, and if he can, is there any point in their production where they'd be deemed 'complete' to the extent that he can no longer block the release)

Tags: ~law (misc), ~music, ~publishing & copyright

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