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KyBu's only Legal American Fan

Major resettlement in USA

So I'm writing the The Great American Zombie Novel (TM) (it's a working title lol) and it involves a huge resettlement of the northeast. Think... from the Potomac north to the Canadian/Maine border and the Allegheny River (by Pittsburgh) east to the ocean.

Now, they evacuated as many people as the government possibly could, though there were uninfected survivors still living in the area when they closed the borders. They either didn't want to or were unable to leave.

Now my questions I have are as follows:

1. How many people do you think they'd be able to evac before being forced to close the borders? [Edit: The virus (either nanobot or a mutation of the human strain of Madcow (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) takes about 24 hours from infection to reanimation. It started sometime in late 2011 (October-ish) and the story is set 3 years later, the same time of year.]
2. How would a resettlement camp be set up in near future US? Think... 2013-14. I would suspect there would be several of them spread over, but the one my small group is in would be relatively close to the border, in one of the original camps.
3. How would an underground group be able to sneak supplies across the border? Would they be paying off some of the military personal? Find a less manned part of it that is a weak spot?

I really... have no idea how to tag this let alone google search it. So even if you could suggest terms to use that'd be helpful.

Thanks so much in advance. I've heard amazing things about you from houseofknaus. <3

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