J.J. Blue (jjblue1) wrote in little_details,
J.J. Blue

Problem with eyes...

Okay so while writing I’ve been caught up by the following doubt.

More or less modern time (okay, we’re slightly forward in the future but not that much).
Due to a hitting his head twice a boy suffered a partial retinal detachment in the right eye. To make matters worse he also suffered a small intracranial hemorrhage that caused him a temporal total blindness. The doctors fixed the whole thing in time only the boy now has his head wrapped in bandages and both his eyes covered by them.
My question is, in this state can he cry as in shedding tears or due to the operation he underwent and the fact his eyes are covered in bandages is more likely his ability to produce tears had been temporally inhibited and he can only make the sounds typical of crying but with no tears involved?

Also, if he can cry, how this would affect him?
Meaning, would be dangerous for the eye that suffered of a partial retinal detachment?
Would just require to redo the bandages?
Also how long it would take for the bandages to be removed completely?

Thank you to whoever can help!

PS: also I hope the tag is right...
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries

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