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Onset of deep veined thrombosis

When: Modern times, medically advanced.

Where: Final Fantasy VII setting, DeepGround Medical Treatment facility.

My question is very specific. I'm writing a Final Fantasy VII fanfic that takes place in DeepGround, a medical facility under the Shinra building. A male character (not sure if the gender makes a difference) is restrained to a pillar for long stretches of time. That is to say, he's suspended in midair for long periods of time, perhaps hours, perhaps days, but he is taken down from time to time because his main use is as a super soldier.

What I want to know is how long would he have to be neglected on that pillar before deep vein thrombosis formed. I googled "Onset of deep vein thrombosis" and read through the wikipedia article, but there was nothing very specific. 

Thanks in advance.  
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