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Details of British Schooling

My story is set in the 2010/2011 school year (commencing September 1st) in a fictional large-ish town in Britain (probably rather close to London). The schools (brother and sister schools) in question are independent schools with mostly wealthy students.

My searching has been fairly thorough, I believe, as I have been looking up actual student guides for subjects and not just relying on Wikipedia (although I did get quite a lot of into from there). However, I really want to be accurate, and the only school system I have any real understanding of is my own (Australian).

My questions are mostly specific ones:
  1. What is the timetable of an independent school's day? (What time does usually school start, when are morning tea and lunch, are there assemblies in the middle of the day?)
  2. Roughly how many weeks are there in a term? Or do you know the approximate term end/commencement dates?
  3. Is there a required number of hours of study associated with A-level subjects? (eg. at my school we have 50mins of each unit per week)
  4. If so, does this mean that when you do not have class you have spares (where you can stay at school and study, or arrive/leave late/early if you have spares at the beginning/end of the day)? If so, do you call these something other than spares?
  5. What are the lessons (periods) in the day called, and how do you number them (1 through 6, or 1a, 1b, 2a, etc.)?
  6. Are there compulsory subjects in the A-levels or requirements that need to be met? (eg. here we must do 10+ units, at least 2 of which must be English)
  7. Do Sixth Form students have a common room?
  8. Are there Houses, and therefore sport carnivals or debating contests etc. where these houses compete for points?
  9. Are there Prefects, and if so what are the general requirements to become one?
  10. Are there School and House Captains? What about Sport, Debating, Music and Drama Captains?
  11. Is uniform strictly enforced (no non-school scarves, no nail polish, hair longer than shoulder length tied up, no jumpers as outer garments, etc.)? And what kind of outerwear is there (jumpers, vests, blazers)? Also, do blazers have awards embroidered on them? (such as end-of-year awards or awards for winning a sport final)
  12. Are there inter-school sport competitions? If so, what kind of sports (eg. soccer, netball, cricket, etc.)? Are other sports also offered (eg. archery, rowing)?
  13. Is there some kind of end-of-year award ceremony?
  14. Are there school dances (between brother and sister schools, for example). If so, how often would these take place (once a year, one a term?), what would the dress code most likely be, and what years would be allowed to attend?
  15. Is there a canteen/cafeteria. If so, which one and is there another name for it?
  16. Are there school choirs and orchestras? What about drama/dance productions or competitions?
  17. Is there 'study hall'?
  18. What kind of detention is there (writing lines, picking up rubbish, etc.) and when is it (lunchtime, after school, etc.)?
  19. What kind of bullying is there at both all-girl and all-boy schools? What are common reason behind this bullying? Are posh British schools prone to cliques? Any extra information on the social hierarchy of such a school would also be appreciated.
These are all the questions I have thought of so far, but I will probably be working on this story for some time, and so many more will most likely arise. If there's anyone who is currently in, or has just finished, Sixth Form and wouldn't mind answering any more little questions that pop into my head, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

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