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Buying and storing liquid blood

Modern day setting, eastern United States and Quebec (Canada).

In the story, vampires reduce their need for human blood by buying animal blood from butchers (preserving the masquerade by discussing blood recipes, like pudding or sausage), but I need some help with how it'd be stored.

1) How would the liquid blood be packaged? Vacuum bag, plastic/tupperware-type container? Large (over 1L/4 cups) or small (under 0.5L/2 cups) amounts?

2) How well does liquid blood freeze? Is there anything that should be done to it before freezing (adding an anti-coagulant, etc)?

3) Any estimates on how long the blood would remain fresh, either refrigerated or frozen? Disease isn't an issue, but it'd probably taste disgusting and be breaking down by the time it goes off.

I tried google searching "vampire blood," "blood buy," "blood package," "how to get blood," "cow blood," "butcher shop blood," and variations thereof. I got a few results about frozen coagulated blood for sale in asian markets, but not anything for liquid. I looked at some online butcher shops, but they didn't list blood as a product.


ETA: Wow you guys are fast! Thanks muchly for all your help!
Tags: ~food and drink (misc), ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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