anorangecrush (aorangecrush) wrote in little_details,

Electric chair execution/ Death row prisoners final day

Setting-Not yet determined as it depends on if electric chair execution is still in use, if so where, and if not when/where it was last used.

Searched-Yahoo: Electric chair execution; final procedures before execution; last day before execution, Wikipedia: electric chair execution/history, Bing: Electric chair execution; last electric chair execution, little_details: Prison

Hi I've been trying to find out-

1) If electric chair execution is still being used and it not when and where it was last used.

2) How the prisoners final day before or the day of their execution goes. How they are generally treated on the final day/in the final hours before being executed, if they get any special treatment.

Generally any info you have on electric chair execution either concerning the history of it or in reference to the person being executed is welcome. There were some videos of electric chair execution found during my search but I couldn't bring myself to watch them so any in depth info on it would be appreciated.

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