Kevin Phillips Bonnnnng (SS-TX) (gallo_de_pelea) wrote in little_details,
Kevin Phillips Bonnnnng (SS-TX)

A strangely specific question about Rocky Mountain National Park

Hi all!
I am currently working on a scene in a comic where my characters travel through Rocky Mountain National Park via US Highway 34/Trail Ridge Road. I am hoping to include a panel depicting the west entrance to RMNP, but am having no luck finding reference images. Scenery past the entrance, before the entrance, fine. But no sign.

Can anyone tell me what sort of sign is at this entrance?

I've found this, but have no idea what entrance it's at. Google Street View yields this near the entry point, but the text is so blurry I can't make it out.

Sources used: Google Maps street view, Google Earth, personal vacation photojournals/websites, National Park website, Colorado tourism websites, travel guide sites.

Sorry this is sort of odd - I just really want this to be accurate. Thanks in advance :)
Tags: usa: colorado

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