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Life of a Victorian duke and his children

Setting: The story takes place a country named Destatia that very much resembles Victorian England around the 1890's. I have a duke, named Anthony, and his children; Zane (25), Lyllia(27), Howl(18), and Samuel(10). Howl and Samuel are Anthony's nephews who he took under his wing after his brother and his sister-in-law died in a train incident. 

Questions: -What I'm wondering is what would Anthony and his children's daily life be like?
-What kind of work does a duke do?
-What would the duke normally do in his freetime?
-Since Zane has already graduated from the university, would he move out of the estate, even though he's his father's heir? If so, what would he do then?
-Lyllia isn't married yet and is an illegitimate child, so would she also live with her father?

Research: I've tried looking up Victorian dukes, life of a duke, 1800('s) duke, sons of dukes, just plain old dukes and nothing helpful came up.

Thank you so much in advance!
Tags: 1890-1899, uk: history: victorian era, uk: nobility

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