Calico (calico321) wrote in little_details,

Stabbing / Blood Loss

I have questions about stabbing and the subsequent blood loss. The subject is a young pregnant (about 6 months along) woman in very good health. She's been stabbed with a small blade (4 in?) in her right side, just beneath the ribs.

- Is it a safe bet this hasn't hit any major organs?

- Afterwards, she's been sitting for about 20 minutes, and has managed to put on a crude, but mostly ineffective bandage, but then needs to walk a considerable distance over rough terrain. About how quickly will the affects of blood loss set in, ie when she can first detect it (I'm assuming that dizziness and shortness of breath will be the first indicators?) and how long roughly from then till she finally passes out?

- The setting is about 1000 years ago. Assuming she were given what little medical treatment was available at the time shortly afterwards, is it considerably unlikely that she could recover fully with the pregnancy intact?

Thank you!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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