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Penile injury and reconstruction; sensation

I have a rather odd situation that needs working out, and I hoped that someone here might be able to help.

Some of my search terms: penile injury, penile reconstructive surgery, traumatic penile injury, partial penile amputation, penile sensitivity after trama

First of all, I have a male protagonist (mid 20’s) who needs to sustain a penile injury that is serious enough to merit either partial or full reconstructive surgery; the setting is present day. My idea initially was to have him to sustain said injury during military service, and to blame it on, say, a bomb or some rogue shrapnel. Would this be a believable injury, or would anything that severely damaged his genitals also be likely to take out his legs? I don’t mind if he suffers nerve damage in his legs, since I imagine he’ll be a lot more put-out about the loss of sensation in his penis, but I’d rather that he retain them and that they be functional.

I would also like him to be able to urinate without catheterization following reconstruction. Is it possible to have a mutilated penis restored to the point where the urethra is also functional? I’ve looked for as much information on penile reconstructive surgery as I can find, but there doesn’t seem to be much on men who have sustained an injury---it’s primarily focused on those who have “abnormalities” corrected for aesthetic purposes, which is not what I need.

Given the injury, I’m thinking that he probably requires a penile implant (I’m favoring the flexible rod over the inflatable) in order to have an erection. This is fine, but there are several things I’m not sure about. How much sensation could he expect to have? Is it safe to assume that he will be able to climax, provided that stimulation lasts long enough for it to happen? Would sex (anal, if it matters) be “dangerous” for the protagonist (or his partner) in any way due to the implant/reconstruction?

I think those are all the questions I have at the moment. I realize how odd all of this sounds, but if anyone can help to point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks. :)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: plastic surgery, ~sex

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