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Drinking: a problem of taste

Rather complicated question, but I hope you can help me.


Setting: modern day U.S.


My MC originally hails from 17th century North Wales: according to my research, back home she would have drunk or seen other people drink ale, cider and beer, all home-brewed from all-natural ingredients.


So far, so good.


For most of the story, however, she is in 21st century USA and traveling all over the country.

My questions are:


1) What will she drink and where? (Es. are some drinks like, say, cider more easily found in certain parts of the country?)

Which brands/ “new drinks” might suit her tastes?


Vodka is pretty much out of question (too foreign sounding, she doesn’t trust foreign) and so are cocktails (too fancy), other than that I have absolutely no idea.


2) What is she more likely to complain about?

All modern brews will taste quite different from what she’s used to: I’m not asking for a direct comparison, I realize that’s impossible, just some suggestions on which brands will make her go “this is too bitter/sweet, what the hell did they do?” and which ones will make her go “beer? how dare you call this dog piss beer!”


Focus is, as the title says, on taste: it’s pretty much why I’m asking here since I can’t go out and sample myself – not only I’m a teetotaler, all alcoholic drinks taste exactly the same to me.

The same goes for smell, so if you have suggestions for complaints/comments in that sense, don’t hesitate to send them!


Tags: 1600-1699, usa: food and drink, ~booze

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