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Hogan's Alley

Hi I am writing a fan fic where two FBI agents have a rivalry going. It takes place between 2000 and 2005. One is a sniper and instructor with military combat experience. The other is a SAC with Fugitive recovery experience.

In said rivalry the sniper is up two for two. One game of darts and one suspect recovery (Did I mention the sniper was also a tracker?).

Anyway I figure the SAC's best chance to win anything would be at Quantico while participating in some exerciser/re-certification/training.

At the moment I have them participating in a training or re-certification (which ever if either fits RL in anyway) where they do one team scenario and one individual exercise.

The SAC's team scenario is a bank robbery gone bad. The individual exercise is clearing 3 buildings shooting bad guys and not getting killed.

I have no idea what to Google and am fairly certain I am not going to get the answers there anyway.


1. Would there be a situation where the SAC would be at Quantico and complete the above team scenario/ individually clear buildings? a. If so what kind of situations. b. are they graded and or given points. c. if graded/given points how are they assigned? d. are scores posted?

2. Does the FBI use situations that were scene as screw-ups to train with i.e. Waco (I am guessing yes.)

3. Could, knowing the sniper was on hand, the SAC request the sniper be on his team once he learns the scenario he's facing? I mean if he were in the field and said sniper (who gets around) were on hand he'd most likely check and see if he were available.  So I am wondering if he request the sniper in the exercise.

Edit for Clarity:  In responding to the second comment below I think think I stated the intent of my post more accurately and have pasted it here:

I am looking for more details on why my SAC (Don Eppes) would be at Quantico and what kind of training/re-certification he would be doing. I also am looking for how exercises are graded ie: time, shooting accuracy, tactical skill, successful conclusion. It would also be helpful to know how different grades are weighted. For example is tactical weighted more heavily than fine point accuracy. Time is a tricky thing and I would expect in a tactical exercise quickness could count for and against you. I hope this helps.

And forgive me for not saying it before but thank you in advance :)
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi

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