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Bracken visible in May

I have what I thought was quite a simple question. I'm writing a story set in the UK some time in the relatively recent unspecified past (between around 500-1000 ACE). My characters are in a forest in the south of England, up towards the midlands. I want them to be able to find lost horses by following a trail of broken plant life, and I thought of bracken. Will fresh bracken be growing in May?

I have read the Wiki page, which confirmed that it is deciduous, but unfortunately because it's so widespread (and also poisonous) I can't find any information about when fresh shoots are visible in the UK, though I did find out that it's one of the earliest appearing plants.

I searched 'bracken fern', 'bracken fern in April' 'bracken fern in May' and 'bracken fern spring'
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