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Question about Eagle Squadron member gaining UK citizenship (WW2)

Hi all, a first time questioner. I hope I have done my proper background checks! (I apologize if I use the term UK wrong as well)

I am writing an AU-fanfic about an a volunteer pilot from the United States fighting with the RAF. He is then injured and can no longer fight. I feel I have a relatively good grip on before and during his service, including rehabilitation, but my main concern has always been this - The pilot remains in the UK after he is put out of commission so to speak. He is handicapped enough that he can no longer fly a plane and given honourable discharge.

In my story he remains in the UK. However, could this have happened? 

If he was a pilot and served in the RAF during WW2, would he, when he was injured and discharged, have been been allowed to stay in the UK or applied for and gotten citizenship?

Would the US pilots in the RAF in WW2 have been given some form of pension from the UK government? Would they have paid for his rehabilitation, or would the USAF and the US government have done that? I could find little information on this, but if he left the US to fight for another country then maybe not?

I found information that US citizens who fight in the military of a different country ran the risk of losing their US citizenship. Could this have happened during WW2? If my character lost his US citizenship could he have been given or applied for a new one in the UK?

Basically, I just want to make sure that he was indeed allowed to stay in the UK after his service in the RAF, and that I'm not writing about someone who's about to get kicked out into no man's land for lack of a citizenship.

I've searched around the internet for information on what might have happened to the members of the Eagle Squadron, and other Squadrons of pilots who came from the USA to fight for Britain during WW2. If any of them remained in the UK at all.

My search terms have been "eagle squadron", "eagle squadron survivors", "united kingdom+royal air force+ww2", "American veterans+british citizens", and combinations thereof - WW2+USAF+british citizenship, "naturalization", "honorable discharge WW2", "honorable discharge WW2 RAF" etc, as well as gone through the relevant tags in this community. I've gotten results on what happened while the pilots were in action, but not much on what happened after.

Thank you for any help!
Tags: 1940-1949, uk: history (misc), uk: military: historical, ~world war ii

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