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Abortion and its effect on the woman at least a few days or a week after

When: Present time

Where: I haven't decided on the exact country or place but the main main setting of my story is in a strict, prestigious Catholic school.

I want to know how abortion affects the woman. The abortion, by the way, wasn't medical or surgical or performed in a hospital or a proper environment. It was one of those illegal and unsafe abortions (back-alley abortion) that was performed by a self-taught 'doctor.'  The woman, or girl, if you may, is only fourteen years old. I know that that type of abortion can cause hemorrhaging or infection or even death afterwards, especially for someone as young as that girl, but assuming that the abortion was (pardon me) successful: what effects or complications would arise on that girl? Oh yeah, the girl was eleven weeks pregnant when she got the abortion.

Google has helped me with getting most of my facts straight but I just can't get a sufficient amount of information for this particular question. I read about a dozen or so articles somewhat concerning this question but I forgot where and the titles of the articles (Our internet history was cleared up a few days ago too). Wikipedia... was no help to me at all. Shocking, I know.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this post. If this is inappropriate or if this has violated a community rule or anything, please inform me so that I can hide this behind a cut.
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