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On ship decommissioning

I'm currently researching for a story set in space and most of the characters are working in an equivalent of a Space Navy.

One of my characters is a captain in the Space Navy and as the story opens his ship is about to be decommissioned. I've already found the protocols about ship decommissioning via wiki and various anecdotes about ship decommissioning ceremonies but I'm finding it difficult researching what happens to the decommissioned ship's captain and crew.

For the purposes of this story I'm using the US Navy as my reference.

1.) Will the captain of the decommissioned ship move to another ship or will he be promoted?

2.) If the captain is given another command can he take his bridge crew with him? Or will they be assigned to other ships?

3.) Would it be possible for a sailor to be assigned (deployed?) to the ship on its last tour of duty before decommissioning and come in as a replacement to an officer in the bridge when the officer falls sick?

Thanks in advance!
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