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Prosecutor filing charges against a Sheriff

Setting: modern day California, USA. Fictional town/county.

If a County Prosecutor filed charges against a Sheriff for evidence going missing in his care, what would happen? Would there be a court case? Could he be fined? Go to prison?

They are assuming he destroyed evidence deliberately to protect his daughter, who committed the crime. The evidence was a DVR showing her breaking into someone’s house, which he wiped with a magnet. No one saw him do it.

He also acted suspiciously in that he demanded a court order before he handed the DVR over to the county prosecutor, buying himself time to wipe it.

So the evidence is quite circumstantial, I would say. He certainly had motive and access, but no hard proof.

Would he get away with it under this circumstances? How long would it take for anything to happen, if it’s going to court or whatever happens?

A re-election was already taking place that day before the charges were filed and he loses the election, so any possible proceedings will be with him no longer in the role as Sheriff.

Because the question is quite specific, I’m not really sure how to google it. I’ve tried case against sheriff, and prosecutor filing charges against sheriff.
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