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Rules for visitng an unrelated minor in hospital

Location Denver circa 1996.
My MC has just rescued a 16 year old boy who was shot and wants to check up on him in hospital. The kid is actually a runaway ward of the state of Texas (which I'm sure makes his legal status more complicated). Would the hospital be allowed to let him see him or be able to give out any information to him when asked. It can be worked round either way, because he's not above sneaking in if he's not allowed to visit legitimately, I just need to know if he'll be ducking (or lying to) hospital staff or not. If it helps the kid once conscious would agree to see him, I just don't know if at 16 in the US his permission woud actually be consulted or not. And the character in question is the sort to happily (and skillfully) manipulate people into wanting to help him so I'm not envisaging anyone being willfully obstructive, if anything the staff would probably want to help him bend the rules if they can.

I did do a google search on visiting minors in hospital but perhaps not very surprisingly didn't get much that was helpful.
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: colorado, usa: health care and hospitals, ~custody & social services

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