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In cars... ::techno beat plays::

1. I need a car. More specifically I need a car or SUV that is:

- model year 00 or later
- readily available in the United States (money is really no object, but it couldn't be anything that has to be special made or special ordered)
- very well built (this car will be under fantastically good care, and it needs to run for 50+ years)

I ask here because: well, I don't know anything about cars; it's hard to search for; it's kind of a judgement call.

2. Is it possible to have a car converted (once again, money's no object) to an energy source other than gasoline? Anything involving fossil fuels is right out. Electric'll work, in a pinch, but I'd rather avoid it. Ethanol, maybe? The story's set a good ways into the future, so I have a good bit of wiggle room. However, I want to be as plausible as possible.

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