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Medical field kit in 1800s small battle?

Hi -

It's me again.  First of all, thanks to the invaluable help I've gotten on the last few chapters.  I went back and rewrote the bareback scene so that it made sense (no, the heroine does NOT ride backwards).

Now I am writing a battle scene between the rebels and the militia (I think--I have to look at my notes for the military terms).  The POV is from the rebels side, but the MC is a doctor.

What would that primitive a medical kit have in it?  I'm sure gauze, bandages, but not sure what else. I've googled  "18th century medical kit",  "18th century military first aid," and on,  "what is in an 18th century medical kit" ","18th century medical kit" and  "18th century field hospital" although the last isn't actually relevant.  I thought it might contain some helpful links.

ETA: Thanks for the great answers!  I'll have to go look all of that up, and I'm extremely grateful.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), ~medicine: historical

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