Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

Anon post: Accumulation of injuries and impotency

Time frame: mid-1980s.

A character who is in extremely good health and very fit has been abducted, held and tortured. The people doing this to him have made sure he stays alive as they want him to suffer for a long time. He is rescued but by this time he's accumulated multiple injuries including cracked ribs, a broken arm, a ruptured spleen, been beaten severely and has minor stab wounds and cuts to his limbs. He's also received several blows to his groin and had his hands nailed to a chair.

I need this character to make a full recovery given time and I need for him to be impotent from the groin injury and for it to continue long enough for him to think it will be a permanent injury.

I've managed to research the various elements of this but I can't find any information on the accumulative effect of all of this in recovery time and no answers to the groin injury/impotency. I even tried the local medical school library.

My questions, given the mid-1980s time frame:

1) Am I overplaying the number of injuries?

2) How long would he have to stay in hospital with this accumulation of injuries?

3) How long would it take him to fully recuperate? Are there any injuries here that would make a full recovery unlikely when combined with the others?

4) Am I being ridiculous in hypothesizing a groin injury that could cause impotency for a couple of months and yet eventually have him return to full function?

I will thank you in in advance for any and all help you can render.

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